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Simon the master boat builder and present owner of J-Star Boat Services developed a passion for boats aged 4, when his parents took him sailing.  His parents then bought an Enterprise class dinghy and he joined a local sailing club in Yorkshire.  Whilst there he achieved many Junior RYA sailing Certificates.

For many years his family spent their annual holiday on the Norfolk Broads.  When Simon was 16 he approached a local boat builder Billy May of Maycraft Boat Services Ltd, builder of the Norfolk Wooden Crab Boats, about working for him as an apprentice boat builder.  On leaving school, Simon left his family home in Yorkshire to begin his 6 yr apprenticeship with Billy May.  

During Simon's time as an apprentice he continued sailing and got the opportunity to go on many types of vessel on the Norfolk Boards.  This gave Simon an understanding of different vessels, different owners, the way they sailed their vessels  and therefore what they wanted and expected from their vessels.  As a boat builder and yachtsman Simon was able to understand how boats were designed and the methods used in their construction.   This enabled Simon to help owners to get the best from their boats.  It was during this time that Simon  and his parents formed J-Star Boat Services.  The business at this time consisted of Simon's mother teaching navigation, Simon doing some wooden boat repair work and all three doing yacht deliveries, mostly to the Mediterranean.

In 1983  in order to expand his boat building skills and knowledge, Simon went to Hardy Marine manufacturing GRP boats.  Whilst there Simon got the opportunity to go offshore racing.  In 1987-1988 Simon entered various National Regattas and became an area semi-finalist in the James Capel  RYA Crew Search Program to find crews for the America's Cup.  Here Simon was racing against professional racing yachtsman including Chris Law who was the starting helmsman for White Crusader in the 1987 America's Cup.  Following this Simon became the tactician of a Contessa 32 racing on the South Coast. 

In 1990 Simon was approached by a large marine company dealing in luxury ocean going sailing yachts in Suffolk. Here Simon was able to expand his knowledge and skills to repairing and working on luxury ocean yachts as well as other luxury sailing and motor boats the yard were commissioned to work on. Whilst there he continued yacht racing and was a mainsheet trimmer and tactician of 2 winning crews on the East Coast. Simon obtained his RYA offshore and RYA Ocean certificates during the early 1992.  Due to his sailing skills his employer asked him to be to teach a new owner how to sail his new luxury yacht.  The owner of the luxury yacht then asked Simon to be the delivery skipper to his yacht and take it the Mediterranean.  This owner then approached him about being a skipper in the Mediterranean for him during his holidays for the next 3 years.

In 2000 Simon left his last employer to concentrate on building up his own business, which included the sea-school business following his parents retirement.  Simon is a Qualified RYA shore based instructor as well as an a Professional Skipper. 

Simon now owns with his wife and son a 76 yr old classic gaff rigged cutter, which they are restoring to cruise and race in the local area regattas . they are also restoring  a 57 yr old Enterprise dinghy to race on the local lakes and around the country.

Simon is also a columnist in the 3 times a year Hardy Owners Club Magazine.  The column 'Simon Says' provides advice to Hardy owners, which can also be found online at www.hardy-owner.org.uk


J-Star Boat Services guarantee all their work and put quality of service first.  The company only uses the best quality products and wherever possible products are sourced locally.  J-Star Boat Services on request will where possible give you detailed information on where the materials are sourced, such as where the timber was grown.

The company prides itself on providing a high quality service.  Simon has had a passion for boats and sailing since he was 4 and will only employ people with that same passion for boats and a drive for quality service.  For you the customer this means you can expect years of enjoyment from your boat when you use J-Star Marine Services.

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