New builds 

Mai-Star Class dinghy 

Placing order to delivery 12 to 14 weeks depending on specification.

Restoration dinghies

Little Mai class of outboard and rowing dinghy 

Specification to individual needs and cost 

This is our latest Little Mai class dinghy 

 Call Simon on 01255475020  to discuss your requirements.  

Used Boats for Sale

A Shetland 570 with a 70 hp Johnson on a Braked four wheel trailer which as a electric recovery winch

 it will shortly coming to the J-Star Boat Services Yard and workshop to have a complete refit, when complete will be ready to go. £6750.00

Shetland Family Four

There is a braked two wheel trailer available should it be required and can be purchased with the boat. 

Presently under going complete  interior refit

Price £4500.00

Call Simon on 01255475020 or

 07585506960 for more details.   


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