Restoration Projects & Refits

Major refit on a Hardy 25 built in the 1980's
This Hardy 25 was originally built in 1983 and spend a good part of its life on the Norfolk Boards before being purchased by its present owner to be used in and around the River Severn 

The outside is in reasonable good condition which with a bit of TLC and compounding and polishing should come up to a very good condition again

One of the major problem that as developed over the years was the breakdown of the chain locker bulkhead after been used to store a boards mudweight which had been dropped in there over a number of years until the plywood gave out 

The wiring jungle needs a good thinning out and general sorting out and making neater 

The engine bay needs a good sorting out with old systems removing and other systems updating and making safe.

The fuel tank needs to be removing to be investigated and to clean out the inside if it is recoverable or get a new fuel tank and resite the diesel heater was is above the diesel tank.

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