Restoration Projects & Refits

Yacht Norma Refit over the spring of 2017
Work undertaken upon sale to new owner and after a full survey 

First job was to completely strip the paint of both the topsides and the bottom to get a complete view of the work in hand to get the yacht back to a seaworthy condition 

One of the two planks that needed replacing this one on the starboard side and the other plank was the sheer strake on the port side .

Then a complete new paint system after all the hull repairs were carried out 

Relaunch day with just a few small leaks down to the age of the yacht and the dry weather while the yacht had been on the shore waiting to be sold to its new owner

Back on its mooring waiting to have its mast re-stepped and the engine being recommissioned and sails bend on the spars ready to go for a trial sail

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